Sweaty punk show audience with a young Daryl in the background.

Razorcake Podcast #840 with Daryl

Sep 01, 2023

Fleshies in San Pedro, CA, 2006, Photo by Todd Taylor

I got multiple things going against me here.

1) I write and revise and revise again and then have someone else edit my writing and then share it with the world. Talking about topics I find important off the top of my head is not my strong suit.

2) Having a conversation with yourself is a very natural feeling, but once a microphone is introduced into the dynamics it all kinda goes to shit for some reason.

3) I’m really not trying to paint myself into a corner with these selections by over-explaining anything. Part of what made this music so special was a lack of qualifiers or easy definitions. It wasn’t the youth crew revival. It wasn’t twee indie pop or…you know…olkfay-unkpay. I’m not even sure if it was even anything! But it makes sense to me, and I kind of have the feeling I’m not the only one.

So grab a Sparks from the fridge, sit back, and enjoy!


Chinese Telephones, “This Time Next Year” Democracy LP (It’s Alive / Sandwich Man)
- - -
The Measure [SA], “Union Pool” Union Pool 7” (Idiot Box)
Tiltwheel, “Fuck You This Place Is Dead Anyways” Split 7” with OWTH (Small Pool / Fast Crowd)
Shellshag, “Kiss Me Harder” Destroy Me, I’m Yours LP (Starcleaner)
Dan Padilla, “Just Maybe” A Collection Not Perfection LP (Little Deputy)
- - -
Sexy, “Pico de Gallo” Por Vida LP (Onion Flavored)
Abi Yoyos, “Bohemian Grove” This World Is Not My Home 7” (Riisk)
This Is My Fist, “Voice from Occupationland” I Don’t Wanna Startle You… 7” (Left Off The Dial)
Tulsa, “Math in the Aftermath” Sour Digs LP (Starcleaner)
- - -
The Ergs!, “Books About Miles Davis” Books About Miles Davis 7” (Whoa Oh)
Toys That Kill, “Don’t Take My Clone” Don’t Take My Clone 7” (Dirtnap)
Shark Pants, “Automatic Pinner” Automatic Pinner 7” (Dirt Cult)
Shang-A-Lang, “Letter to My Critics” Summertime 7” (Dirt Cult / Let’s Pretend)
The Bananas, “Slippery Subject” Slippery Subject LP (Recess)
- - -
Bent Outta Shape, “Backwash” Stray Dog Town LP (Recess / Tapes)