Razorcake Podcast #838 When Horns Are Okay 25: One Horn Wonders with Ethan, Todd, and Tim

Aug 18, 2023

No, not unicorns.
Another installment of punk and punk-adjacent songs that have horns that one of us likes enough to include in a playlist. I’ll be perfectly honest, if we started out with this installment over two years ago, I’m unsure if I’d be too jazzed about some of the more drawn-out, tooty, languid songs on here. But then I got off my high horse, put my “songs under two minutes are the best,” criteria in my back pocket, and soaked in the songs. I mean, punk songs with horns in them are already on the periphery of people’s consciousness anyway. (As opposed to all punk songs that have bass guitar, for example.) It’s also a constant reminder that some of the best punk plays around at the edges and fringes. It provides cues for further exploration.

And self-enforced uniformity is stupid. I mean, who in power voluntarily has their first name stitched on their breast pocket when they head off to work?

Not too many extra song notes for this round because we actually read our research during the podcast. So, I’ll leave you with this nugget. When I was growing up in a small town of 12,000, Little Desi of I Love Lucy, lived on the top of a hill with his ballerina wife. He was a recruiter for a religious cult in town. When I was a kid, I just knew the cult threw kick-ass garage sales every six months. I found out later it was because those who joined the cult had to give up many of their worldly possessions. One day, the entire cult left the town without a trace. Their former church is now government buildings. That’s a long tie-in to Patty & The Panic’s “Ricki and Lucy” song.

And we play a Saints-adjacent song by The Laughing Clowns!


Young Wasteners, “Stained Circle,” We Got Ways (Aggressive Turns/Kick N Punch)
- - -TIM
Student Nurse, “Trickle Down,” Think for Yourself: Seattle Tour 1979​-​1984 (Salish Sea)
Hot Gum, “Starfish,” Self-titled (State Champion)
Ausgang, “Graveshow (Ausgang Demo),” This Was Our Downfall, Early Demos and Rarities (Bat-Cave Productions)
Grong Grong, “Angels and Demons,” Self-titled (Alternative Tentacles)
The Dance, “Dance for Your Dinner,” Do Dada (Sundazed)
- - -ETHAN
Patty & The Panic, “Ricki and Lucy,” Take Me Where the Boys Are 7” (Private Press)
Carambolage, “Laisse Moi Faire,” Bon Voyage (Tapete)
Lucrate Milk, “James Bond,” I Love You Fuck Off (Archives De La Zone Mondiale)
Asbestos Rockpyle, “Captain Blue,” The Savages Are Loose (Mystic)
- - -TODD
Laughing Clowns, “Eternally Yours (Single Version),” Cruel, But Fair: The Complete
Clown Recordings
3 x CD (Hot)
Boomtown Rats, “Rat Trap,” A Tonic for the Troops (Ensign)
Midnight Oil, “Beds Are Burning,” Diesel and Dust LP
Fungus Brains, “Pasty Faces,” Ron Pistos Real World (Load)
- - -TIM
Ohyda, “...I Dojdzie Do Katastrofy!” pan bóg spełni wszystkie pragnienia lewaków .​.​.​i dojdzie do katastrofy! (La Vida Es Un Mus)