Puffy tacos and comics.

Razorcake Podcast #832 with Rick V., Mitch Clem, Amanda Kirk, and Ben Snakepit

Jul 07, 2023

Rick V. records a podcast with comic folks and Razorcake alumni – Mitch Clem, Amanda Kirk, and Ben Snakepit, who all had comic collections come out this year. Ben Snakepit released Snake Pit's Big Adventure, where he draws a three panel comic chronicling every day of his life from 2019-2021. My Stupid Life is a collection of Mitch's past comic strips San Antonio Rock City and My Stupid Life and Amanda did the coloring for the latter. The crew plays songs, compliment each other, talk shit and discuss puffy tacos. Get their books where fine comics are sold!  

Kill Lincoln, “‘F’ For Finished”, That's Cool... In A Totally Negative And Destructive Way (Jump Star)
- - -
Buio Omega, “Insult To Injury”, Take A Look (Self released)
Pussy Velour, “Don't Wanna”, Please and Thank You (Self-released)
Magnetic Fields, “I Think I Need a New Heart”, 69 Love Songs (Merge)
Hans Gruber & The Die Hards, “Monster Of Walgren Lake, With a Vengeance (Ska-Punk International)
- - -
Squishers, “Bukowski's Bluebird”, Too Damn Careless (Let's Pretend)
Faulty Cognitions, “Thin Blue Line (is a Warning Sign)” Demo, (Self-released)
Trash Sound Conglomerate, “For Bottle Meat”, Constant Crisis (Self-released)
The Sniffs, “Chance”, V (Self-released)
- - -
Teini Pää, “Heartbreaker”, Maailma kyllä odottaa (Soit Se Silti)
Silent Era, “Say It Again”, Rotate The Mirror (Nervous Intent)
The Beths, “Idea / Intent”, Warm Blood (Car Park)
Ed Banky's Car, “CrashnBurn”, Meanwhile in Grand Prairie Texas...(Something To Do)
- - -
Braid, “Killing a Camera”, Frame & Camera (Polyvinyl)
Garden Home, “Ghost”, Postmortem (self-released)
Street Diamonds, “The Right To Be Dumb”, Scenester Citizens (A.D.D.)
Remember Sports, “Get Bummed Out”, All of Something (Father/Daughter)
- - -
Bleeding Pentagram, “Ben White Appears Courtesy of Dischord Records”, Self-titled (self-released)