Old timey graveyard

Razorcake Podcast #831 with Kurt Morris

Jun 30, 2023

My music well has been drying up lately. I haven’t heard a lot of things that have excited me. I’m listening to more podcasts than music the past few months. But it means I only had five tracks (Tired Radio, City Of Caterpillar, Shame, Sparta, Propagandhi) to contribute to this podcast that have been getting repeat in my speakers, headphones, and brain. The other five I let the shuffle choose. So enjoy this coordination between human and computer before AI creates Skynet and we’re all dead.


Tired Radio, “Dead & Gone: The Sequel (Mo’ Dead Mo’ Gone)” (Lousy, thanks, Sinking Ship)
- - -
City Of Caterpillar, “Voiceless Prophets” (Mystic Sisters, Relapse)
Power Trip, “Crucifixation” (Nightmare Logic, Southern Lord)
Pig Destroyer, “Book Burner” (Book Burner, Relapse)
American Ethos, “ausweglosigkeit” (Self-titled, Self-released)
Shame, “Six-Pack” (Food for Worms, Dead Oceans)
Leatherface, “Scheme of Things” (Mush, Roughneck)
Sparta, “End Moraine” (Porcelain)
Propagandhi, “Cop Just Out of Frame” (Victory Lap, Epitaph)
- - -
Quicksand, “Interiors” (Interiors, Epitaph)