Razorcake Podcast #827 When Horns Are Okay 22, Tuba Diving Off the Coast of Horn-olulu with Ethan, Todd, and Tim

May 26, 2023

In this episode of When Horns Are Okay, we feature our first band from Réunion Island, which is hundreds of miles east of Madagascar, and our first tuba! Todd mistakes that Jim Morrison wasn’t the lead singer of The Eagles or Fleetwood Mac. He was the lead singer of Loverboy. Duh. Part of being a punk is being a jerk. Todd also spends far too long on a parenthetical of a band name. Short version, the Irish band sometimes went by Station Superheaven and other times went by Superheaven.

Open-ended question. If god and Jesus are so great—with infinite wisdom, creators of the universe, et cetera—why isn’t Christian music, as a whole, so much better? Is there an undercover Christian punk band we love and just don’t know they’re Christian? That said, the Undercover song doesn’t suck.

Ethan doesn’t like no wave but was pleasantly surprised by The Chumps because of vocal melodies.

Keep on holding on with us. We’re going to get to playing X-Ray Spex, Rocket From The Crypt, The Saints, and that Fear song any day now. We just gotta take some detours through French oi and say “tukatuka” a couple of more times.

Patience, listeners. Patience.

–Todd Taylor

Tukatukas, “Madness,” Royal Bourbon (GC)
- - -
Rod Vey, “Metal Love,” Metal Love 7”(Rip Off)
Blue Steam, “Lizard King,” Lizard King 7”(Rip Off)
Serious Drinking, “The Revolution Starts at Closing Time,” The Revolution Starts at Closing Time LP(Mad Butcher Classics)
Sincere Americans, “Contact,” East Compilation LP (Dead Good)
Antler Joe & The Accidents, “Who Needs a Woman Like You,” Go Commercial (Last Laugh)
- - -
Repo Man, “Paid for Hands,” I Can Live with It If You Can, Son (Stolen Body)
Isotope Soap, “Invisible Machines,” In Need of Systematic Entropy (Push My Buttons)
Wild World, “M Is for Mulletheads / I’m Not a Stranger!” Regular World (City To City)
Totenwald, “Closed Circuits,” Part Time Punks Session (Bat-Cave Productions)
- - -
Undercover, “New Creation,” God Rules! (A&S)
The Revillos, “Mindbending Cutie Doll,” Stratoplay: The Box Set (Cherry Red)
They Might Be Giants, “Number Three,” Self-titledLP (Bar/None)
Lysteria, “La Nausée,” Nausées (Kanivo Chaos)
- - -
The Chumps, “7-11,” The Problem with Saxophones LP (Afterburn)
Gogogo, “AM Punx” (Self-released)
Cardiacs, “This Is Life,” A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window (The Alphabet Business Concern)
JJ And The Real Jerks, “Lost Souls Pub,” Mess You Up 12” (Heavy Medication)
The Last Mile, “SCCS,” Respect the Frequency (Rad Girlfriend)
- - -
Sophisticated Boom Boom, “Number One in Radio” Self-titled LP (Tapete)

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