Razorcake Podcast #825 Surf Music with Sean and Todd

May 12, 2023

As a follow up to my “One Punk’s Guide to Surf Music” that ran in the last two issues of Razorcake (#132 and #133), I grabbed some surf records and headed down the Razorcake HQ to spin these with Todd. I had the best intentions to record podcasts that showcase the bands I featured in my article, but that’s not what this is. Instead, I dug into the surf records I’d been listening to the most lately. Since I’d already done a two-part history, I wanted to share a little more of the contemporary.

–Sean Carswell

Los Straitjackets, “The Casbah,” ¡Viva! Los Straitjackets LP (Craft)- - -
Fuzziyama Surfers, “Fuzziyama Wave,” Wild EchizenLP(Otitis)The Whys?, “Tiger Balm Together,” A Day on Mercury LP (Surf Cookie)
Surfer Joe, “Hiroshi No Subarashi Ramen,” Swell of Dwell LP(Dionysus)Satan’s Pilgrim’s, “The Dredger,” Go Action!! LP (Hi-Tide)
- - -
Los Freneticos, “Teletransportacion,” Teletransportacion LP (Hi-Tide)
Black Flamingos, “Speedway,” Play Speedway and Other Hits LP (Hi-Tide)
Los Bitchos, “I Enjoy It,” Let the Festivities Begin! LP (City Slang)
Terremotor, “Godless,” Veneno Da Cana LP (Otitis)
Los Venturas, “Beans, Tortillas, & Chili (and Even Some Wine),” Playtime! LP (Green Cookie)
The Volcanics, “Concrete Carver,” Concrete Carver LP (Hi-Tide)
- - -
Insect Surfers, “Red Mesa,” Datura Moon LP (Insect Surfers)
Del Vipers, “Raiders Reef,” Los Del-Vipers LP (Otitis)
D-Rays, “Blaze in the Athens Sky,” Self-titled LP (D-Rays)
Blackball Bandits, “Swingy Creepy,” The Lost Mission LP (Double Crown)
- - -
Man Or Astro Man?, “Bombora,” Destroy All Astro-Men LP (Estrus)