Razorcake Podcast #823 When Horns Are Okay 21, Fresh Toot for Honkin’ Vegetables with Ethan, Todd, and Tim

Apr 28, 2023

Welcome to another round of punk and punk-adjacent songs featuring horns that don’t suck.

This time around is bookended by a mix of grindcore and Kenny G. Why the fuck not? I salute you Clown Core and your impeccable timing for when the horns come soap bubbling in. This edition of When Horns Are Okay, we unexpectedly dip our toes into several songs with soft horns and Todd admits, with the reflection of several months, that he doesn’t really like one of the songs he plays. Ethan concurs, but the song does spur the memory of another band that uses horns. One person’s pothole is another person’s horn rabbit hole.

Some notes: The Crusties were an opening band for the Dead Kennedys at the first punk show the Rhythm Chicken ever attended when he was a mere chick of fourteen.

Despite the silly-sounding title of “Cheddar Cheese Party” by Gay Cowboys In Bondage, the song is about that fucker Reagan cutting benefits for poor people.

We don’t play “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell, but Todd learns it’s a cover of an obscure 1965 northern soul track originally released by Gloria Jones and written by Ed Cobb of The Four Preps.

Besides performing with Rip Rig & Panic, Neneh Cherry performed with The Slits.

Until next time, keep those Saints, X-Ray Spex, Fear, and Rocket From The Crypt horn suggestions rolling in… and we’ll give you the opposite of thanks…

–Todd Taylor and Whistlin’ Ethan

Clown Core, “Computers,” Van (Self-released)
- - -
Idol Threat, “Sick on England,” Barefoot and Pregnant compilation (Twin Tone)
The Crusties, “Sloppy Seconds,” Rat’s Revenge (Beer City)
Gay Cowboys In Bondage, “Cheddar Cheese Party,” The Completely Silly Discography (1983-1984) (Give Praise) 
Toxic Reasons, “Guns of September,” Within These Walls (T-Reason)
- - -
Soft Cell, “Frustration,” Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret (Some Bizarre)
Rip Rig & Panic, “Storm the Reality Asylum,” I Am Cold (Cherry Red)
Our Heroes, “Now the Scars Are Healing,” Now the Scars Are Healing (Icon Music)
Diaframma, “Siberia,” Siberia LP(Diaframma)
- - -
Worriers, “Happy Here,” Sinead O’Rebellion 7” (Yo-Yo)
Alaska Y Los Pegamoides, “Bailando” Grandes Exitos LP(Gamma)
Superchunk, “Highly Suspect,” Wild Loneliness (Merge)
Tiny Desk Unit, Live at Hurrah Thursday, April 2, 1981 “Couscous”
- - -
Clown Core, “Flat Earth,” Van (Self-released)

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