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Razorcake Podcast #820 with Todd, Simon, and Bianca

Apr 07, 2023

Reunited for one night only, Todd, Simon, and Bianca spin some tunes dedicated to the kids in their lives—songs they would or maybe have already played for their nieces/nephews/niblings that they shared in the hopes that the kid would grow up cool. In the battle of nature versus nurture, will music make a difference? Only time and this podcast episode will tell.

Downtown Boys, “Dancing in the Dark,” Full Communism (Don Giovanni)
- - -
The Linda Lindas, “Oh!” Growing Up (Epitaph)
Sunny War, “No Reason,” Anarchist Gospel (New West)
Elvis Costello & the Attractions, “Lipstick Vogue,” This Year’s Model (Radar)
- - -
Muncie Girls, “Picture of Health,” Fixed Ideals (Buzz)
Hinds, “Burns,” The Prettiest Curse (Mom + Pop)
Modestia Aparte, “Cosas de la Edad,” Cosas de la Edad (Discos Lollipop)
French Vanilla, “Real or Not,” How Am I Not Myself (Danger Collective Records LLC)
Dehd, “Loner,” Flower of Devotion (Fire Talk)
- - -
Worriers, “Doom Scrolling,” Warm Blanket LP (EJRC)
Martha, “Hope Gets Harder,” Please Don’t Take Me Back LP (Specialist Subject / Dirtnap)
Heavy Comforter, “Broken Brain,” Castro Coming Down LP (Dead Broke)
Rata Negra, “Nada Va a Permanecer Dorado,” Justicia C​ó​smica LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Civic, “Time Girl,” Taken By Force LP (ATO)
- - -
Worriers, “Prepared to Forget,” Warm Blanket (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

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