Razorcake Podcast #819 with Jane, Rick, Tina, and Parker

Mar 31, 2023

One forty year old, one thirty-five year old, and two twenty-two year olds play some songs ranging from the years 1968-2023. Listen as Jane, Rick, Tina, and Parker talk about local businesses, hover their hands over candles, and do a hearty amount of giggling.

Hellbender, "Get Off My Lawn" Demo (RTR Tapes)
- - -
En Love, "Rats Will Float Atop Their Kin" Love Will Drown The Nest (Delayed Gratification)
ISS, "Metforming" Spikes+ (Sorry State)
Unwound, "December" Leaves Turn Inside You (Kill Rock Stars)
Happy Diving, "So Bunted" So Bunted (Top Shelf)
- - -
Discordance Axis, "Jigsaw" The Inalienable Dreamless (Hydra Head)
Tetnis, "Hostage" Moving Quickly To Prevent A Hater From Detonating The Vest (Let's Pretend)
Team Dresch, "The Council" Captain My Captain (Chainsaw)
The Path, "Burly's Best Dancers" Split w/ Controlled Substance (State of Mind, No Time, 625 Thrash, Ugly and Proud, Get Stoked!)
- - -
The Whiffs, "Now I Know" Another Whiff (Dig!)
Envy, "Farewell To Words" All The Footprints You've Ever Left And the Fear Expecting Ahead (HG Fact)
Sweep The Leg Johnny, "Bloodlines" Sto Cazzo! (Southern)
Closet Witch, "Rule By Bacon" Self-titled (Sassbologna)
- - -
New Grass, "Grayland Pack" Scordatura Perforations (Self-released)
Slumped, "Ruin My Life" (Lavasocks)
Danny Puga, "Tu Serás, Yo Lo Sé" Ni Siguiera Un Retoño (Areito)
- - -
This Heat, "Horizontal Hold" Self-titled (Rough Trade)

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