Razorcake Podcast #816 with Rick V. and Evee

Mar 10, 2023

Rick V. is a forty year old punk-type living in Bloomington, IN. Evee is a nineteen year old punk-type living in the SF Bay Area. Together they play seventeen songs with themes of queer/fem/trans/social/anarchist politics, heavy synth sounds, terror, murder, Germany, heart break, Sci-fi, and robots in love (I guess that also counts as sci-fi). And if you have been asking "Do kids still buy CDs?" and "Do kids in the Bay Area really go to raves after hardcore shows?". Listen to this episode for the answers!

NOTE: In this episode Rick says QWAM is from Atlanta, GA. This is untrue. They are from Brooklyn, NY.

The Hirs Collective: "Murdered By a Woman" You Can't Kill Us (Get Better)
- - -
Q-Factor: "Money>Human Life" Discography (Extinction Burst)
Mano Fico: "Gentrifier" Alpha Bitch (Self-released)
Dakota Floyd: "Parking Lots" Brief History (Self-released)
- - -
Harlequin Baby: "Heteronightmare" Give Me Video, Give Me Air (Self-released)
Desborde: "Hartx" Desborde (Self-released)
Dead Obvious: "Bad Apples" It's WeRTHLESS (Self-released)
Aldi OST: "Berlin" Self-titled (Self-released)
- - -
QWAM: "Little Bliss" Little Bliss (Reta)
This Or That: "$ Down" Queercore Therapy (Self-released)
LXBXR: "Not Yours To Take / Skate a Ditch" Scummaniacs (Pánico en la Morgue)
- - -
The Ram Rams: "Robot Love" We're So Famous (Self-released)
Maraudeur: "Death/Suicide" Puissance 4 (Self-released)
Croissant: "AVP" Self-titled (Self-released)
Rouge: "Angerman" Self-titled (Self-released)
- - -
The Nurse: "Depression" Discography 1983-1984 (La Vida Es Un Mus)

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