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Razorcake Podcast #815 with Christian Valles

Mar 03, 2023

Time does not wait. Fortunately, in the past 15 years, many bands have produced several good albums. Here is a collection of songs that are about 15 years old.


-Christian Valles

Regulations, “Police Sirens” The First 15 Years- 2006 Record Sampler(Havoc)
- - -
Wolfbrigade “Hour Of The Wolf/In Adrenaline” Comalive (Farewell, La Familia
Victims, “This is the end” …In Blood (Havoc)
- - -
Lemuria, “Buzz” Get Better (Asian Man)
AJJ, “Personal Space Invader” People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World (Asian Man)
- - -
R.A.M.B.O. “Wage Slave Mercenaries” Bring it (Havoc)
Punch, “Do It Yourself” Nothing Lasts E.P. (Discos Huelga, Deathwish)
Fucked Up!, “Two Snakes” Hidden World (Deranged)
- - -
Summer Vacation, “The Many Faces of Mental  Chillness” Discography (Lauren)
J Church, “Eric Dolphy” The Horrors of Life (No Idea)
Charles Bronson, “Diet Root Beer” Hurt Your Feelings - Record Sampler (Six Weeks)
- - -
Antidote, “Riot in the City” Back In Year Zero (Dirty Faces)

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