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Razorcake Podcast #814 with Kurt Morris

Feb 24, 2023

For this episode of the podcast I stole a number of songs from the Razorcake compilation sent to those who donated in our 2022 year-end donation drive. This year’s comp really knocked it out of the park. In addition, there are songs from things I’ve been listening to lately including the new albums from High Vis and The Rutabega. I’ve been playing Boston’s Pet Fox incessantly, especially after seeing them live in January. So you get a track from their 2021 sleeper of an EP, More than Anything. The Fugazi song has been stuck in my head continually and Hayes Noble’s new album marks him as someone to watch out for. I hope that you hear something you like and you’ll support some of these independent bands. Enjoy!


VAGUESS, “When It’s Gone” (Nothing’s Secret, Refry)
- - -
Cut City, “Lost It” (Tape Days, Garage Rock)
High Vis, “Morality Test” (Blending, DAIS)
High Vis, “Voices” (No Sense No Feeling, Venn)
Hayes Noble, “Forget It” (Head Cleaner, 221 Press)
Fugazi, “And the Same” (13 Songs, Dischord)
Warthog, “Four Walls” (Self-titled 7”, Toxic State)
End It, “New Wage Slavery” (Unpleasant Living, Flatspot)
Gladie, “Nothing” (Don’t Know What You’re In Until You’re Out, Plum)
Pet Fox, “Limited Me” (More Than Anything, Exploding in Sound)
- - -
The Rutabega, “Mulch” (Leading Up To, Comedy Minus One)

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