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Razorcake Podcast #811 When Horns Are Okay 19, Young, Loud and Skronky, with Ethan and Todd

Jan 27, 2023

Seventeen more punk songs with horns—debuting our first Rancid track. For those who’ll recommend we check out Rocket From The Crypt in the Instagram comments, we start off with a John Reis track. Skronking and hooting!

For those interested in “engagement,” we’d like a definitive yes/no if the excellent Wheels On Fire track has a horn or not. So, if you were involved in any way, shape, or form with the Liar Liar album, we’d like to hear from you. Otherwise, sound is a pretty subjective topic.

Some notes:
Todd doesn’t fall on the “Van Halen is good” side of things, but ever since being inundated by their 1984 album just by growing up in the high desert when this album was released (he knows two people with the cherub smoking a cigarette tattoo from his high school days), he just found out that the Top Jimmy of which Diamond Dave sings about is the punk one of the Rhythm Pigs. Huh. The two were drinking buddies.

Ethan takes Todd’s traditional position of pronouncing flawless Finnish, French, Italian, Polish, and Bosnian. It really is a master class of international three-chord diplomacy.

Okay, so the Voodoo Glow Skulls “track.” It has horns. It’s not a song. It’s a list of threats left on an answering machine. It’s painful to listen to. We picked the track that’s the least triggering. But Todd thinks it’s important to listen to. After first hearing it, he’s never listened to VGS again. It’s been a couple of decades.

Due to an HR snafu where a TPS report was incorrectly filed, Tim Avis had to sit this episode out, but don’t you worry. He’s scheduled for the next one if the middle management at RZC can get their shit together.

Track listing:
Swami John Reis And The Blind Shake, “See Saw,” Modern Surf Classics (Swami)
- - -
Wheels On Fire, “Ambulance,” Liar, Liar LP (Alien Snatch!)
Top Jimmy And The Rhythm Pigs, “Obviously Five Believers,” Pigus • Drunkus • Maximus (Restless)
Silver Chalice, “Wasted,” Wasted 7” (Final Gear)
Really Red, “No Art,” Teaching You the Fear (CIA)
- - -
Ratsia, “Täältä Tulee Yö,” Elämän Syke (Svart)
Kollaa Kestää, ”Kaupunkisissi,” JäähyväisetAseille (Svart)
Bérurier Noir, “Il Tua Son Petit Frère,” ConcertoPourDétraqué (Bondage)
Zabranjeno Pušenje, “Anarhija All Over Baščaršija,” Das Ist Walter (Jugoton)
- - -
The Filaments, “Tales from the Barside,” Land of Lions (Burnout)
Rancid, “Backslide,” Life Won’t Wait (Epitaph)
Off With Their Heads, “Be Good,” Character (Anxious And Angry)
Tim Kasher, “Forever of the Living Dead,” (feat. Laura Jane Grace, Jeff Rosenstock) Middling Age (15 Passenger)
- - -
Klasse Kriminale, “Ragazzi Come Tu E Me,” Ragazzi Come Tu E Me 7” (Bird)
Les Trois Huit, “Jeunesse Fichée,” Split 7” with Les Partisans(Rebel Time)
Dzieci Kapitana Klossa, “Pieśń O Bohaterze,” DzieciKapitanaKlossa Cassette(S.P.)
- - -
Voodoo Glow Skulls, “Me and My Homies” Split 7” with Hickey (Probe)

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