The floor of a bowling alley.

Razorcake Podcast #809 with Christian Valles

Jan 13, 2023

Happy New Year! This winter has been harsh for many folks in the United States. Here is a collection of songs with fast tempos to help you get up and dance.

-Christian Valles

Tropa Magica, “Morena,” Self-titled (Eclectic Music)
- - -
Derrumbado Defensa, “Esclavidud Moderna” Sistema Criminal (Romantic Songs)
Dead To Me, “I Wanna Die in Los Angeles” I Wanna Die in Los Angeles EP (Fat)
Guns ‘N’ Wankers, “Skin Deep” For Dancing and Listening (Fat)
- - -
Hambone Skinny, “Born & Raised on Sin” My Seat at The Bar (Rum Bar)
The Lillingtons, “Black Hole in My Mind” Death By Television (Red Scare)
SNFU, “Drunk on a Bike” The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed (Epitaph)
- - -
The Bronx, “Peace Pipe” Single 7” (White Drugs, Cooking Vinyl)
The Freeze, “Talking Bombs” Misery Loves Company (TAANG!)
- - -
Ill Repute, “American Girl” Big Rusty Balls (Dr. Strange)

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