Black and white photo of Conflict altered to have a goofy sax player performing with them.

Razorcake Podcast #808 When Horns Are Okay 18, The Process of Reeding Out with Ethan, Todd, and Tim Avis

Jan 06, 2023

Well, yep. We’re at it again. More, mostly punk songs featuring horns, far, far from the usual suspects. We’re in deep and we’re still digging.

Some notes: Tim Avis’s voice is channeled through a Muppet. Done with love, not malice. Thanks for joining us, Tim.

Todd hesitated to say that Oxbow’s Eugene Robinson was on SST, seeming to remember him mentioned in Jim Ruland’s excellent Corporate Rock Sucks. Indeed. Serenade in Red was a Crippled Dick Hot Wax Records / SST Records split release.

With the band Candy, we mentioned that it featured future Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke and mentioned singer-songwriter Kyle Vincent, but didn’t note that he’s been dubbed the “crown prince of soft pop,” and got high praise from Barry Manilow as “One of the best singer-songwriters to come along since the heyday of Tin Pan Alley.” Glendale Community College grads represent!

It’s official. The London Cowboys should have cut that song in half. Way too many “They get in the way / Blue murder” refrains. There’s even a spot in the song where they pause. Perfect place to have stopped.

Todd’s not totally full of shit. Abrasive Wheels were indeed in the very first Punk and Disorderly comp with “Army Song”—actually, Abrasive Wheels were on each of the three Punk and Disorderlys.

We mention that Mick Talbot was previously a member of Dexys Midnight Runners, but Todd didn’t know that “Dexy” was slang for Dexedrine, a prescription amphetamine. You know, for dancing.

Please tell us if you have a copy of The Style Council’s “Walls Come Tumbling Down,” that doesn’t skip in that section, or if that’s really part of the song. Ethan tracked down every version of the song he could, and they all have that skip. Weird.

Mark E. Smith died in 2018. The Fall released thirty-two albums. He passed far too early at the age of sixty.

Smalltown, “Back on Track,” Implosion (Combat Rock / Deranged)
- - -
Bumbo’s Tinto Brass Band, “Cosmic Butter,” Self-titled 7” (X!)
Oxbow, “Cold & Well-Lit Place,” Thin Black Duke LP (Hydra Head)
Conflict, “Climbing the Stairs,” Conclusion LP (Mortarhate)
Outerwear, “Fountain of Scuz,” The Outerwear Limits
- - -
Candy, “Kids in the City,” Whatever Happened to Fun
London Cowboys, “Blue Murder,” Tall in the Saddle (Underdog)
Abrasive Wheels, “Black Leather Girl,” Black Leather Girl LP(Clay)
32nd Turn Off, “Used to Be a Tiger,” 32nd Turn Off, (Jay Boy)
Style Council, “Walls Come Tumbling Down,” Internationalists
- - -
Mallwalkers, “No Pity (In the Funky City),” Dial ‘M’ for… LP (Peterwalkee)
Brett Smiley, “Va Va Va Voom,” “Va Va Va Voom” b/w “Space Ace” 7” (Anchor)
The Cute Lepers, “Tribute to Charlie,” Adventure Time LP (1-2-3-4 Go!)
The Grains, “The Lift,” Stone Street LP (Psychic Volt)
- - -
Mean Jeans, “Twistin off a Cliff” Songs from the Bog (Unreleased Tracks) (Fat)
Those Naughty Lumps, “Iggy Pop’s Jacket” (Zoo)
The Fall, “Room to Live,” Room to Live (Sanctuary)
Crime Of Passing, “Midnight Underground.” Self-titled LP (Future Shock)
- - -
Clito, “Se la Vita e Faticosa,” Le Ragazze Del Rock - 40 Anni Di Gruppi Rock Femminili Italiani (Dig)


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