Someone sitting by a backyard swimming pool at night. Reaching for a drink.

Razorcake Podcast #806 with Christian Valles

Dec 16, 2022

Well, kind folks, here we are in the winter holiday season. Xmas music is playing everywhere you shop for provisions, even at the gas station. Here is a mix of songs to dance to in a dark bedroom or at your local dive bar. 
Enjoy a Darks Navidad!

El Muerto TJ, "Satanica" Padre Santo (Self-release)
- - -
Insulin Reaction, "Dark Zone" What's the Point (Bobok, Ltd.)
Adult, "Nite Life” Various (Ghostly International)
Aurat, “Ilzam / Alvida” Single (Self-release)
- - -
The Mall, "Peeling" Every Particle (Self-Release)
Börn, “Þú skuldar mér að vera sexý” Drottningar Dauðans (Iron Lung)
- - -
Vum, "Red Flag" Cryptocrystalline (Secret Lodge)
- - -
Cemento, “Hell Voice” Weaponry (Self-release)
Ramones, “Garden of Serenity” Loud, Fast Ramones: Their Toughest Hits- (Sire/Rhino)