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Razorcake Podcast #803 with Christian Valles

Nov 25, 2022

Here is a collection of bands doing musical covers from various genres. From lo-fi guitar to high-fidelity bass and searing fuzz guitar freakouts!

-Christian Valles

MxPx, “Summer of 69” On the Cover (Tooth & Nail)
- - -
Basic Dicks, “Material Girl” Sick Sad Dicks (Everything Sucks)
fIREHOSE, Walking the Cow” Flyin' the Flannel (Columbia)
The Fuzztones, “Strychnine” 7”-inch Single (Easy Action)
- - -
Thee Commons, “Juaneco Y La Negra” Rock Is Dead: Long Live Paper and Scissors (Self-Release)
J.F.A., “Charlie Brown” To All Our Friends (DC-JAM)
The Gun Club,Run Through the Jungle” Miami (Animal)
- - -
Dead Kennedys, “Viva Las Vegas” Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (Alternative Tentacles)

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