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Razorcake Podcast #801 with Kurt Morris

Nov 11, 2022

The latest Greet Death, Drug Church, and Pet Fox albums are amazing in their entirety. They are definitely worth checking out. The rest of this is some newer releases and other things I’ve been revisiting lately. Enjoy!


Cave In, “New Reality” (Heavy Pendulum, Relapse)
- - -
Pig Destroyer, “The Torture Fields” (Head Cage, Relapse)
City Of Caterpillar, “In the Birth of a Fawn” (Mystic Sisters, Relapse)
Her Head’s On Fire, “Matchsticks” (College Rock and Clove Cigarettes, Iodine)
RVIVR, “Old Dogs” (The Beauty Between, Rumbletown)
Pet Fox, “Only Warning” (A Face in Your Life, Exploding in Sound)
Somerset Thrower, “Harbor” (Vitreous Humor cover, Self-released)
Greet Death, “New Low” (New Low, Deathwish)
Pedro The Lion, “Too Much” (Havasu, Polyvinyl)
- - -
Drug Church, “Athlete on Bench” (Hygiene, Pure Noise)

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