Razorcake Podcast #793 with Whatchu Been Listening To?

Sep 16, 2022

The boys from the music enthusiast podcast "Whatchu Been Listening To?" bombard the Razorcake Podcast studio and play some screamo, emo, twee, hardcore, hip-hop, novelty, and "hard-vapor" songs they may or not have played snippets of on their show. Check out their show at anchor.fm/whatchubeenlisteningto

Atom and his Package, “Waiting Room” Society of People Named Elihu (Mountain Cooperative)
- - -
Dialer, “Dropped Out” Chronic Anxiety Split (SRA, Bunnycat)
Some Girls, “My Blasphemy” The DNA Will Have it's Say (Three One G)
Hesitation Wounds, “Charlatan Fuck” Chicanery (Deathwish)
I Hate Sex, “One By Metallica” Circle Thinking EP, (Pint-Sized Records)
- - -
Desborde, “Panico” Todo Es Una Mierda (Painters Tapes)
Rene Descardes, “Repressed Life Lessons” Self-titled (Self Released)
Throw That Beat in the Garbage Can, “Thanks For Knockin” Cool (Electrola, Electrola, Electrola)
Chris†††, “Judas Inside” No Lives Matter (Bedlam Records)
- - -
Exociety, “Shouts Out To -Insert Sponsor Name Here-!” Deception Falls (Self Released)
Myelin Sheaths, “What's Your Diagnosis?” Get on Your Nerves (Southpaw)
Hundreds of AU, “Sanctuary City” Communication Link Re-established (Self Released)
Retox, “Thirty Cents Shy of a Quarter” Ugly Animals (Three One G)
- - -
G.L.O.S.S., “Give Violence a Chance” Trans Day of Revenge (Nervous Nelly / Total Negativity)
Funeral Orations, “No Way Out (Live)” Discography (Hopeless)
Yalla Stockings, “Expired Warranty” Young Cut (Self-released)
Hey, Ily!, “Sorry” P.S.S.U.S.S.P. (Lonely Ghost)
- - -
The Wombles, "Remember You're a Womble" The Best of the Wombles (Warwick)

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