Razorcake Podcast #792 with When Horns Are Okay 15: Every Rose Has Its Horn with Ethan, Todd, and Tim Avis

Sep 09, 2022

You’re stuck with us idiots for another seven months, minimum. We’ve captured tracks through Horns 22, with Horns 23 filling up quickly. It could be said we have a hornicopia of songs to treat you to, but we won’t… because we have a modicum of self-respect.

Horn-related discussions this time around, some notes:

Tim Avis has been suggesting songs for awhile and we’ve been peppering them in, but this podcast features his first of many horn blocks! Thanks, Tim.

Todd fully admits his memory is erratic. Here are some fun things that happened.

Is it possible that Todd was remembering a Waterboys song was tied into the movie Good Will Hunting? If he was, he would be correct. But he wasn’t thinking of that movie. He did have the Fisherman’s Blues on cassette in the late ‘80s, though.

With the Night Shop song, Todd couldn’t quite instantly remember that Justin Sullivan was in the excellent band Ringers (RIP Barker Gee) and he’d first met Kait Eldridge in Tampa, Florida when she played with Used Kids.

Going in, it was mentioned that The Writz band member Steve Fairnie was a part-time Charlie Chaplin lookalike who was in IBM ads in the ’80s (he’s in this episode’s horn-added-for-topical-applicability image), but we didn’t mention he looked like a mix between CC and a New Romantic in his day-to-day existence. Excellent. He also died suddenly in 1993 from an asthma attack. Not excellent.

Todd continues to slaughter pronunciations of many languages (and makes a new English word “envisualize” when talking about the Go-Go’s) and all attempts to improve his linguistic performance have resulted in the opposite result.

Sorry, world.

The Waterboys, “I Will Not Follow,” The Waterboys (Ensign)
- - -
Bad Breeding, “Theatre of Work,” Exiled LP(One Little Indian)The Courettes, “Voodoo Doll,” We Are the Courettes (Damaged Goods)
Night Shop, “Let Me Let It Go” single (Dangerbird)
PJ Harvey, “The Wheel,” The Hope Six Demolition Project
Kait Eldridge, “I’ll Cry Tomorrow (Oh Susan),” The Dark Tower (Let’s Pretend)
- - -
Marble!, “Marble Rock,” Self-titled LP (Massproduktion)
Massmedia, “På stan,” Sista Ackordet LP (Massproduktion)
Baraka Face Junta, “Obojętnie / Indifference,” Test Systemu LP (Nikt Nic Nie Wie) 
Stage Bottles, “Sometimes Antisocial—Always Antifascist,” Vive Le Punk Rock Festival in Athens #7 2020!
Bérurier Noir, “Conte Cruel de la Jeunesse,” Concerto Pour Détraqués (Archives De La Zone Mondiale)
- - -
The Waitresses, “Bruiseology,” Bruiseology LP
Martha & The Muffins, “Echo Beach,” Metro Music LP(DinDisc)
The Go-Go’s, “This Old Feeling,” Vacation LPCristina, “Ticket to the Tropics,” Ticket to the Tropics 12 (ZE)
- - -
The Writz, “Muscle Culture,” Writz (The Electric Record Company)


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