Razorcake Podcast #791 with Tim Brooks, ‘90s UK, Part 2

Sep 02, 2022

Back again with part 2 of UK in the ‘90s. As with the last one this is as much a trip down memory lane as it is an opportunity to highlight how much great shit there was. A lot of this gear isn’t hard to find and is worth tracking down. Post the boom of punk in the early ‘80s, the ‘90s was in part a forgotten scene. It became small and insular, but still thriving and strong with tons of great bands, labels, zines, gigs, and most importantly great people. Subcultures can be quite hard to find ways into, but the UK punk scene was always fun and welcoming. All this stuff still stands up against anything coming out today and I’m proud to have been a part of it. One love to all the friends and connections I made during that time, never forgotten.

-Tim Brooks
San Francisco, August 2022

Urko, “I Have No Faith” (98, split EP with Suffer, Flat Earth)
- - -
Cowboy Killers, “Everyone’s Believing in What They’ve Been Told” (90, Press and Run Like Hell LP, Words Of Warning)
Voorhees, “At My Expense” (94, Spilling Blood without Reason LP, Armed With Anger)
Blaggers ITA, “When the Gun Is Cocked” (91, Blaggamuffin 12”, Words Of Warning)
Pleasant Valley Children, “Freaks Got Power” (91, Fuck Kill Destroy LP, Words Of Warning)
- - -
Exit Condition, “Zero Gain” (90, Days of Wild Skies LP, Meantime)
Downfall, “Not Your Fault” (92, EP, Godsend)
Snuff, “Martin” (96, Demmamussabebonk LP, Deceptive)
Scatha, “Why Fur?” (96, Respect Protect Reconnect LP, Flat Earth)
- - -
Bob Tilton, “Lilac” (95, Songs of Penknife and Pocketwatch EP, Subjugation)
Pink Turds In Space, “No More Sectarian Shit” (90, split LP with Sedition, Flat Earth)
Shutdown, “Sheltered Homes” (95, Emits a Real Bronx Cheer LP, Golf)
Doom, “Choice?” (93, split EP with Hiatus, Flat Earth)
- - -
Political Asylum, “Flight of Fancy” (90, Window on the World LP, Loony Tunes)
Disaster, “Devestation” (91, Warcry LP, Tone Deaf)
Disaffect, “Can’t See the Woods” (92, An Injury to One EP, Flat Earth)
The Tone, “This is a High” (98, EP, Rugger Bugger)
- - -
Cress, “Animal and 2 Veg” (98, split 10” with Doom, Flat Earth)
Sawn Off, “Clampdown” (99, LP, Flat Earth)
Panic, “Familys on Drugs” (98, Gremlin Generation LP, Phoenix)
Doctor Bison, “A Place for Us” (94, LP, Truncheon)
- - -
Leatherface, “I Want the Moon” (91, Mush LP, Roughneck)

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