Razorcake Podcast #789 with Midnight at Mazems with Bill & Booth!, #10 “Minions of Dead Cops”

Aug 19, 2022

Like a forlorn McRib sandwich, it’s been almost a year since our last appearance – possible reasons? Marketing gimmickry? The Illuminati? Scottish Rites? Stone Masonry? Nude conspiracies of a global scale?? We are through the looking glass here people, the looking monocle if you will. Wiretap the Truth and Freedom garage as the boys discuss the relevant documents and what those Minions were up to between the years of 1939-1945. We have the punk data packets that prove this one goes all the way to the top!

Violent Femmes “Country Death Song” Hallowed Ground LP (1984 – Slash / Craft)
- - -
Lysol “Can't Win” Soup for My Family LP (2021 - Feel It)
illuminati hotties “(You're Better) Than Ever” Kiss Yr Frenemies LP (2018 - Tiny Engines)
Bootlicker “Modern Science” Bootlicker LP (2021 - Neon Taste)
Be Well “Meaningless Measures” The Weight and The Cost (2020 - Equal Vision)
- - -
Alien Boy “How Do I Think When Yr Asleep?” Don't Know What I Am LP (2021 - Get Better)
Queen Of Jeans “Get Lost” If You're Not Afraid, I'm Not Afraid LP (2019 - Topshelf)
Ex-Cult “Mr. Investigator” Negative Growth (2016 - In The Red)
Lady Lamb “Billions of Eyes” After (2015 - Mom+Pop)
- - -
The Partisans “I Never Needed You (1984 Version)” The Time Was Right LP (1984 - Cloak & Dagger)
Mike Krol “Fifteen Minutes” I Hate Jazz LP (2017 - Merge)
Smirk “Staring at Screens” EP EP (2021 - Total Punk)
Milk Bath “TV Loner” Milk Bath LP (2020 - World of Hurt)
- - -
Joe Strummer “Burning Lights” Joe Strummer 001 Box Set (2018 - Casbah / Ignition)