Razorcake Podcast #787 with Christian Valles

Aug 05, 2022

Here is a collection of songs from a stack of CDs sitting on my desk.

Go Betty Go, “It Haunts You Know” Reboot (Self-released)
All, “Stupid Kind of Love” Problematic (Epitaph)
Pansy Division, “Who Treats You Right” Total Entertainment! (Alternative Tentacles)
- - -
Early Moods, “Isolated” Spellbound (Dying Victim)
The Bronx, “Peace Pipe” Bronx VI (Cooking Vinyl)
The Ruts, “Jah War” The Crack (Virgin)
- - -
The Dwarves, “Salt Lake City” The Dwarves Must Die (Greedy)
Greg Ginn, “Yes, Officer” Getting Even (SST)
- - -
Escape-Ism, “The Lost Record” The Lost Record (Merge)

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