Razorcake Podcast #776 with When Horns Are Okay 12, Hey Punks, Get off the Brass with Ethan and Todd

May 06, 2022

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Chris Bailey of The Saints. Them, along with X-Ray Spex, were young Todd and Ethan’s introduction into horns being integrated into punk bands and making them sound, well… punk. Both bands continue to be influential beyond measure. If you’ve never heard the Australian band The Saints’ (I’m) Stranded or Eternally Yours LPs, start there. They’re rewarding listens.

One tangent we went on this time out was fueled by Razorcake contributor Jim Woster, who told us some Half Japanese info from Horns 9. (We may not be fast, but we try to be thorough.) Magician Penn Jillette founded his label to put out Half Japanese’s record. Jillette also formed a band called Bongos, Bass & Bob. My guess was that Penn played bongos, but was incorrect. He played bass. And I had no idea he was also a one-time member of the Chicago industrial group, Pigface.

I’m a bad person for not thanking Tim Avis for the Mujeres Podridas tip. Thanks, Tim. He’s got a full block of suggestions coming in a future episode.

This is a repeated theme: Ethan and I sometimes think we’d finally fully dried up the horn well, but then other wells spring up unexpectedly. We’re currently working on the tracklisting for Horns 16, so you’re stuck with us ding dongs for a bit longer.

Thanks for listening.

–Todd Taylor

Anxiety Cat, “The State of Now”/ “No Youth,” Storm Transmissions (Tummy Rock)
- - -
Squid “Houseplants,” Bright Green Field LP (Warp)
Medium Medium, “Hungry, So Angry,” The Glitterhouse LP (Cherry Red)
Mika Miko, “Zombies Take One,” 666 12” (Post Present Medium)
Maximum Joy, “Stretch,” “Stretch” b/w “Silent Street” 7” (Y)
Black Eyes, “Deformative,” Black Eyes LP (Dischord)
- - -
Kendrick Lamar, “Rigamortis,” Section.80 2 x LP (Top Dawg)
Delta 5, “Colour” Singles & Sessions 1979–81 LP (Kill Rock Stars)
Young Guv And The Scuzz, “Not in It for the Good Times,” A Love Too Strong (Southpaw)
Night Marchers, “Roll On,” Allez! Allez! (Swami)
Mujeres Podridas, “Hijos de la Frontera,” Muerte en Paraíso (Beach Impediment)
- - -
Suburban Reptiles, “Megaton,” “Megaton” b/w “Desert Patrol” 7” (Vertigo)
Tilt, “Runął Już Ostatni Mur,” Runął Już Ostatni Mur... 7” EP (Tonpress)
Hazel O’ Conner, “Give Me an Inch,” Breaking Glass LP
Human Switchboard, “Say No to Saturday’s Girl,” Who’s Landing in My Hangar LP (Faulty Products)
Swingin Porkies, “Resolu,” Passe Remasterrise  LP (Sparte)
- - -
Ronnie Cook And The Gaylads, “Goo Goo Muck” Goo Goo Muck 7” (Audan)

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