Razorcake Podcast #775 with Daryl

Apr 29, 2022

Razorcake Podcast #775 with Daryl

Here’s 14 songs that no one will EVER wall of death to.


Dangerous Chairs, “Statue” Introducing (Self-released)
- - -
Roky Erickson, “We Are Never Talking” All that May Do My Rhyme LP (Play Loud!)
Ugly, “Burn Me” Burn Me (Self-released)
Portastatic, “Guessing” Sandals 7” (18 Wheeler)
This Could Be It, “Crying in My Car” 1.22.22 (Self-released)
- - -
500$FINE, “Burning” Self-titled 7” (Ovolr)
Night Shop, “Pensacola, Florida” Forever Night (Dangerbird)
Ricardo Dias Gomes, “Fogo Chama” Aa LP (Kill Shaman / SDZ)
Brief Weeds, “Forgetting Love” A Very Generous Portrait 7” (K)
- - -
Swansea Sound, “Rock n Roll Void” Live at the Rum Puncheon LP (HHBTM)
Bar-Kays, “I Want Someone” Soul Finger LP (Volt)
Gestapo Khazi, “Lace and Strychnine” The Jewel of the Land LP (Self-released)
Alex Chilton, “Nobody’s Fool” From Memphis to New Orleans LP (Bar None)
- - -
Spiritualized, “Crazy” Everything was Beautiful LP (Fat Possum)

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