Razorcake Podcast #773 with Christian Valles

Apr 15, 2022

Here are songs I would most likely listen to in the summer. After reading the article in a guitar magazine, I found the label Dischord Records and Fugazi. Here is a collection of my favorite bands from Dischord.


Fugazi, “Do You Like Me” Red Medicine (Dischord)
- - -
Soccer Team, “We Closed a Record Store” "Volunteered" Civility & Professionalism (Dischord)
Slant 6, “What Kind Of Monter Are You?” What Kind Of Monster Are You? 7’ Single (Dischord)
Red Hare, “Nites of Midnight” Nites Of Midnite (Dischord / Hellfire)
- - -
Nation Of Ulysses, “Spectra Sonic Sound” 13-Point Program To Destroy America (Dischord)
Black Eyes, “False Positive” Cough (Dischord)
The Warmers, “Mad At the Man” Self-titled (Dischord)
- - -
Dag Nasty With Shawn, “Circles” Dag With Shawn (Dischord)
Faith, “No Choice” Subject To Change (Dischord)
- - -
Minor Threat, “No Reason” Out of Step (Dischord)