Razorcake Podcast #772 with Dr. Nomouth

Apr 08, 2022

A collection of songs that have come out in the past three years with some re-issued stuff snuck in there. A mish-mash of hardcore, straight-forward punk songs, and some weirdies. Enjoy.

The Dialers, “Mantis” (Self-titled, Self-released)
Hong Kong Fuck You, “A La Mierda” (Sing, Self-released)
Bloodstains, “Nuclear Age (2020 Demo)
Pisse, “DrauSSen Zuhause” (LP, Self-released)
Clown Sounds, “Class Fall” (Born Under A Bad Sigh, Recess)
Accidente, “Demonio” (Self-titled)
An Albatross, “Mort Bleu”, (Return of the Laser Viking, Self-released)
Chris Ballew, “1969 Camaro” (Soul Unfolded, Self-released)
ANF, “Social Distance” (ANF II, 625 Thrash)
Highway Stacy, “Breakable” (Highway Staci, Self-released)
Heavens To Betsy, “Waitress Hell” (Calculated, Kill Rock Stars)
Esperanza, “Identity Through Consumption” (1998-2001, Extinction Burst)
Thee Hearses, “Goo Man” (EP II, Tetryon Tapes)
Classics of Love, “Crime Pays” (World of Burning Hate, Self-released)
Circus Monkey, “So Long (Ann)” (Bandwagon Soundtrack, Milan)