Razorcake Podcast #770 with Tim Brooks, '90s UK, Part 1

Mar 25, 2022

Punk in the ‘90s could be a bit bleak in comparison to now or the ‘80s, but for those of us coming up in that era it was all so much smaller and manageable. Some of my favorite memories and music is from that decade, especially my time playing Nerves and getting to share stages and memories with some of these folks. This is part one of at least two. A lot of this is available so go track it down.

RIP to those we lost then and since. Gone not forgotten.


The Fall, “Everything Hurtz” (Code Selfish LP) 92
- - -
Contempt, “12 Years On” (ACAB EP, Barbaren Music) 93
Abs, “Fear Is The Key” (Nail It Down LP, Blasting Youth) 90
Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys, “Smack Kills” (Greetings from London EP, Resistance Productions) 91
Health Hazard, “Up In Smoke” (Not Just a Nightmare EP, Flat Earth) 93
- - -
Can’t Decide, “Jump Before You’re Pushed” (1st 12”, Raging) 90
Doctor Bison, “A Place For Us” (1st EP, Truncheon) 94
Kitchener, “Gun Man” (Price of Progress EP, Flat Earth) 90
Monks Of Science, “Running On” (I’m A Doctor Not An Escalator, In Your Face) 91
- - -
Slumgang, “Shotgun Wedding” (EP, Delerict) 96
Schwartzeneggar, “Goodbye To All That” (1st EP, Rugger Bugger) 92
Spite, “Don’t Bother Me” (A Threat to Society, Blind Destruction) 96
Suffer, “One Step Closer” (1st EP, Flat Earth) 95
- - -
Terminus, “Terror Is The Best Of Guards” (Going Nowehere Fast LP, Words Of Warning) 90
Losers, “Don’t Wanna Live” (Split EP with Coitus, Fluffy Bunny) 95