Razorcake Podcast #768 with Rick V.

Mar 11, 2022

Razorcake Podcast #768 with Rick V.

I always like when a band throws a random instrumental surf song on their non- instrumental surf album. I thought I would put together a bunch of those songs in one podcast. Scattered in are a couple of songs from actual surf bands. Enjoy!

Boogienauts, “Affinity” (Self-titled, Bonecutter, 2015)
- - -
Neighborhood Brats, “All Nazis Must Die” (Confines of Life, Dirt Cult, 2021)
Bouncing Souls, “Moon Over Asbury” (Maniacal Laughter, Chunksaah, 1995)
Skate Korpse, “The Badlands” (Self-titled,Punks Before Profit, 2004)
- - -
ANS, “Attack of the Reaganauts” (The Pool, Cowabunga, 2006)
The Damitols, “Will's Complete Waste of Time” (Self-titledDemo, Stolen Media, 1999)
Oranges & Lemons or Kurikorder Pops Orchestra, “Konna Tokini or Of All Circumstances” (Azu Manga Daioh Soundtrack, ??)
- - -
JFA, “Baja” (Valley of the Yanks, Placebo, 1983)
Mr. T. Experience, “Surfin' Cows” (Everyone's Entitled To Their Own Opinion, Lookout, 1986)
The Weirdos, “Arms Race” (Weirdo World Vol. 1, Frontier, 1991)
- - -
Underground Railroad To Candyland, “No Way!Miss USA!” (Bird Roughs, Recess, 2007)
BREAKfAST, “One Week #2” (edited) (Eat Rice, 625 Thrash, 2000)
Blackball Bandits, “Down the Poisoned River” (The Cursed Island, Double Crown, 2021)
- - -
Descendents, “Grand Theme” (Everything Sucks, Epitaph, 1996)

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