Razorcake Podcast #760 with Christian Valles

Jan 14, 2022

Razorcake Podcast #760 with Christian Valles

At the start of 2020, I believed it was going to be my year. Oh, I was so wrong. A recent university graduate with a promising future foiled by a pandemic. All my plans to travel were canceled. 

Like everyone around the world, I was at home with plenty of time to lounge around. Here are the most memorable songs which I heard during the lockdown.

-Christian Valles

Juventud Podrida, "Los Demonios Del Norte" 1989 (Lógica Ciega)
- - -
Desorden Público, “Escupe Su Bandera” Solo Para Punkys LP(Discos Y Cintas Denver)
Reagan Youth, “Heavy Metal Shuffle”A Collection of Pop Classics (New Red Archives)
Tomar Control, “Patria Muerta” Nunca Más Callar LP (Amok)
Los Viejos, “1934-1994”  (Intolerancia)
- - -
Coriky, “Clean Kill” Self-titled LP (Dischord)
El Mató a un Policía Motorizado, “Fuego” (LAPTRA)
Dovi, “Muerto Amor” (Self-released)
Aurat, “Waiting For You” (Self-released)

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