Razorcake Podcast #758 with Kurt Morris

Nov 26, 2021

Razorcake Podcast #758 with Kurt Morris

Just a smattering of things I’ve been listening to for the past few months. Some new stuff, some old stuff, some slow stuff, some fast stuff, heavy stuff and lighter stuff. I listen to a wide variety of random music. Here is some of it that falls into the indie, punk, hardcore vein. Enjoy! –Kurt

Drug Church, “Head-Off” (Tawny EP, Pure Noise)
Drug Church, “Work-Shy” (Swell, No Sleep)
- - -
Canal Irreal, “Knockdown” (s/t, Beach Impediment)
Siege, “Starvation” (Drop Dead, Armageddon)
Quicksand, “Head to Wall” (Slip)
Quicksand, “Inversion” (Distant Populations, Epitaph)
Ovlov, “I Got Well” (Greatest Hits, Vol. II, Exploding In Sound)
Dinosaur Jr., “Walking to You” (Sweep It into Space, Jagjaguwar)
Spice, “The Building Was Gone” (s/t, Dais)
Arcwelder, “What Did You Call It That For” (Pull, Touch And Go)
- - -
Archers Of Loaf, “Floating Friends” (Vee Vee, Alias)
Burning Airlines, “Dear Hilary” (Identikit, DeSoto)

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