Razorcake Podcast #757 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys

Nov 19, 2021

Thirsty Thursdays Presented by The Dollar Boys is a highly unorganized group of individuals who get together to play the best and worst of old and new, punk, hardcore, and god knows what else. Punk podcast. Come for the music, stay for the memories.

Hwanza: "F.Y.C.T." Cassette (MYDY) 
- - -
Senseless Apocalypse: "Live in Obscurity" Senseless Stereotyped Idea CD (HG Fact) 
Wacko: "Nü Religion" digital single (Self-released) 
Side Action: "Bad Man" Saykopatik Hula Cassette (Advanced Perspective) 
Maxwell Demon: "Pigs in the Attic" Self-titled CDR (Self-released) 
- - -
The Mice: "Not Proud of the USA" For Almost Ever 12" EP (Herb Jackson) 
Away: "2" Demo cassette (Extinction Burst) 
The Love Songs: "Sweet-ish" All Branches No Trunk CD (625 Not So Fast, New Disorder) 
Guided By Voices: "Surgical Focus" Do the Collapse LP (TVT)
- - -
Sculpture Club: "Just One More" WORTH LP (Funer Party) 
Boom Boom Kid: "She Runaway" Smiles from Chappanoland CD (Sound Pollution) 
The Clash: "Inoculated City" Combat Rock LP 
Thatcher On Acid: "Revolution of One" Yurp Thing Split CD with Wat Tyler (Allied) 
- - -
Nihon-Nouen: "恋のS.O.S" Split Disc Split CD with Breakfast (Stiffeen) 
McBusiness: "Mob Mentality" Mob Mentality Dropkick Murphys / The Business split LP (Taang!)