Razorcake Podcast #753 with When Horns Are Okay 8: Open Up The Trum-pit! with Ethan and Todd

Oct 01, 2021

Razorcake Podcast #753 with When Horns Are Okay 8: Open Up The Trum-pit! with Ethan and Todd

When talking about trying to discover new music, and, in this exercise, music with horns:
Todd: “I’m trying not to be dead inside.”
Ethan: “It’s a solid goal.”

We finally get around to playing Form Rank’s “Rebuild” ripper, the only song of theirs that features a horn. Ethan is in Form Rank. We try not to get self-promotion-y in these parts, but it’d be a dumb omission if we never played it.

Ethan declares the FOREIGN BLOCK in this episode his favorite so far of the series. Todd does not disagree.

Considering the title of the Hawkwind song is, “Kings of Speed,” the song isn’t very fast, but “Kings of Mid-Pace” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

After a post-podcast cool down back at HQ, Daryl defended the Stooges album Funhouse as his favorite, and “Funhouse” as his favorite song on the record. Instead of sending hate mail to Ethan and Todd for the less-than-ringing endorsement of this particular song, send thanks mail to Daryl.

If you have any suggestions for any cool punk songs with horns we may have missed, and that song isn’t Fear’s “New York’s Alright,” please drop us a line.

–Todd Taylor

Liliput, “Die Matrosen,” “Split” b/w “Die Matrosen” 7” (Rough Trade)
- - -
Sleater-Kinney, “It’s Enough,” Dig Me Out LP (Sub Pop)
Swell Maps, “Let’s Buy a Bridge,” Jane from Occupied Europe LP (Rough Trade)
The Birthday Party, “Blast Off,” Junkyard (Missing Link)
Form Rank, “Rebuild” Four Songs EP (Form Rankcords)
- - -
Mort Subite, “Ich liebe Ulrike,” I’m Sure We’re Gonna Make It:  Dutch Punkrock ’77 – ’82
Basta, “Abortus Vrij, De Vrouw Beslist,” “Abortus Vrij, De Vrouw Beslist,” b/w “Kom Op Zusters” 7” (Agitat)
Maukka Perusjätkä, “Ennen Kolmatta Maailmansotaa,” Ennen Kolmatta Maailmansotaa LP (Johanna)
Jo Squillo Eletrix, “Voglio Farlo con te,” Girl Senza Paura LP (20th Secret)
Gloria Mundi, “In the Blackout” The Word Is Out LP
- - -
Hawkwind, “Kings of Speed,” Space Rock—1969-1979 LP (Purple Pyramid)
Brainbagz, “No Taste for Thrillers,” God Hates Bagz 7” (Sex Tape)
The Flesh Eaters, “See You in the Boneyard,” A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die LP (Ruby)
The Kings of Nuthin’, “Black and Blue,” Old Habits Die Hard LP (Sailor’s Grave)
Naked Raygun, “Only in America,” Throb Throb LP (Homestead)
- - -
The Stooges, “Fun House,” Fun House LP

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