Razorcake Podcast #752 with Ska Phase

Sep 24, 2021

Razorcake Podcast #752 with Ska Phase

Ska Phase is the Razorcake podcast show where three DIY punks discuss their love for one of the most maligned and underappreciated genres associated with punk: ska.

The Ska Phase gents are back in the library studio and only gave themselves less than twenty-four hours to find songs to play. They talk about city names pronunciations, compact discs, and eventually ska.

The Untouchables, “Lebanon”, Free Yourself 7” (Stiff)
Dawn Penn, “No No no (1967 version)”, Single (Studio One)
Fabulosos Cadillacs, “Guns of Brixton”, En Vivo En Buenos Aires 
- - -
Lotek, “Rudest Dude”, International Rudeboy (First Word)
Bruce Lee Band, “BLT”, Single (Asian Man)
Shandon, “Landed”, Back on Board (Ammonia)
- - -
Culture Shock, “War on Senses”, Mandemic (Bluurg)
The Readymen, “Organized Madness”, Discography (Jump Start)
Sr Flavio, “Las Olas”, Nueva Ola (Discos Popart)
- - -
Flying Raccoon Suit, “Time Bomb”, ...And Out Come the Lawsuits (Sell The Heart)
Jeremy Shere, “Bryan Park”, Songs in the Key of B-Town (Self-released)
Aquabats, “Radio Down (featuring Biz Markie)”, High Five Soup (Fearless)
- - -
Andy & Joey, “You're Wondering Now”, Studio One Ska LP (Studio One)

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