Razorcake Podcast #751 with Johnny and Elwood

Sep 17, 2021

I’ve been pretty lucky in my life to be able to travel to a good few countries when I was younger. Going to countries in Asia was always one of the most rewarding experiences I had. There is something amazing about the culture shock you get when you find yourself in a country so different to your own. To immerse yourself in that culture will show you that the difference is only really on the surface, that really there’s an underlying humanity that ties everyone in the world together. Sadly, I fear many who travel don’t find this and they just see the differences, so people from different culture are an other to them.

I got to spend a month living in Malaysia and another month living in Thailand. I liked just walking the streets and seeing the lives of people. I liked eating food from street vendors (although I’ll admit that sometimes I went to McDonalds because I craved a reminder of home), I looked in shops and garages. I just wanted to see normal life as well as the tourist stuff. Although in Singapore there is the worlds greatest theme park and I implore everyone to visit it because it is so good and doesn’t even have any rollercoasters.

The problem is I doubt I’ll be able to afford to give Elwood these same experiences, flights are insanely expensive, and also massively harmful to the environment (you know that thing we depend on for survival). It’s just fucking expensive to travel and wages are not able to meet that. I want Elwood to experience as many cultures as possible and in the meantime it’s up to me to talk with Elwood as much as possible about the joys that come with diversity.

Also, fuck off with that space tourism bollocks.


Sial, “Maut” Tari Pemusnah Kuasa (La Vida Es Un Mus)
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The Hardcore Bit
Cat Puke, “Eat The Rich” K.T.M EP (Genjtsu Stargazing Society)
Radigals, “Girls” Radigals (Vanilla Thunder)
Mymanmike, “The New High Score” I’m Pregnant (Sacred Plague)
Tiger Pussy, “True” Residuals (Bomba Press)
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The Punk Bit
Round Eye, “Billy” Monster Vision (Sudden Death)
Brain Failure, “Coming Down To Beijing” (Bad News)
Gum Bleed, “Liberation Day” City of the Heroes (Scream)
Joyside, “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” Drunk Is Beautiful (Badhead)
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The Indie/Pop Punk Bit
Drinking Boys And Girls Choir, “Song Of Sincerity” Keep Drinking (Damnably)
Saturday Night Karaoke, “Never Learn” Professional Goofballs (Anoa)
Hang On The Box, “Now I Wanna Say Apology” Di Di Di
Say Sue Me, “One Question” Big Summer Night (Vitamin Entertainment)
- - -
Slant, “Terminal” 1 (Iron Lung)
Muscle Snog, “Kill Me In A Dirty Nation” Mind Shop (Maybe Mars)