Razorcake Podcast #750 with Chris Terry and Todd Taylor

Sep 10, 2021

Razorcake Podcast #750 with Chris Terry and Todd Taylor

How to age while remaining a punk, especially when it gets harder to go to shows at night and not feel like garbage all the next day? Chris and I found one answer: keep listening to records.

The older we get, the more complex life becomes. It just happens unless you have unchecked privilege, are a sociopath, have unlimited resources, or are living in an anarchist utopia. You’ve got to pay for shelter, water, food, and have responsibilities with your family and community. That takes time and energy. Chris Terry and I are friends. We live in the same city, but that city is L.A. and it’s often hard to sync up schedules to just hang out. Records and punk give us a good excuse to catch up.

Even being in the center of Razorcake, I resist becoming complacent. I never want to be that douche who just gives up listening to new music, complains that no new punk’s being made, and packs all of their punk aspirations into a long weekend at a festival once a year.

Chris and I are on the same page where we both enjoy hearing new music and keeping current with strains of punk we find exciting. So, please enjoy this crop of songs from contemporary bands, new releases of old songs, and old heads making cool new music. I walked away from this podcast with a list of bands I need to check out. Good on ya, Chris.


Todd note: I totally fucked up the Screamers song’s history. The title of the damn record tells us where these songs came from—Demo Hollywood—and this recording has nothing to do with the songs they recorded live for Target video. Sorry about that.

Adulkt Life, “Whistle Country,” Book of Curses LP (What’s Your Rupture)
Canal Irreal, “Manarchist,” Self-titled 12”EP (Beach Impediment)
- - -
Cliquey Bitches, “Caveat Emptor,” Self-titled 12”EP (Fettkakao)
Primitive Teeth, “Bubble of Me,” Self-titled 7” (Dirt Cult)
Generacion Suicida, “No Dejes Explicacion,” Reflejos LP (Going Underground)
All Hits, “World Is a Fuck,” Men and Their Work LP (Iron Lung)
- - -
Screamers, “Punish or Be Damned,” Screamers Demo Hollywood 12”EP (Superior Viaduct)
Rata Negra, “Venid A Ver,” Una Vida Vulgar LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Gross Polluter, “Just Here for the Violence,” The People Get… What the People Get LP (GarageRock)
- - -
Lysol, “Glasgow Smile,” Soup for My Family LP (Feel It)
Haram, “Where Were You on 9/11?” Where Were You on 9/11? 7” (Toxic State)
Zulu, “Straight from Da Tribe of Tha Moon,” My People… Hold On LP (Flatspot)
Solarized, “The Universe,” Solarized—A Ghost Across Hell from Me LP (SRA)
- - -
GG King, “Melt on You,” Remain Intact LP (Total Punk)
Neighborhood Brats, “Miss America Pageant,” Confines of Life LP (Dirt Cult)
Predator, “Never Anything Before,” Spiral Unfolds LP (Total Punk)
- - -
Beex, “He Obliterates Me,” Beex—The Early Years: 1979-1982 LP (Beach Impediment)
Long Knife, “Dressing Up a Drunk,” Meditations on Self Destruction LP (Self-released)

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