Razorcake Podcast #748 with When Horns are Okay 7: Sax and Violence!

Aug 27, 2021

Razorcake Podcast #748 with When Horns are Okay 7: Sax and Violence!

When Jennifer and I started this series, it was a lark. I enjoyed the challenge of finding straight-up punk bands playing horns on certain songs. I had no idea it would have such a long tail, that we wouldn’t just start cheating and playing ska punk at some time, then quietly merge our podcast with SkaPhase, and call it a day.

But, no. In stepped Ethan after Jennifer’s retirement from the series and now, according to my admittedly poor math skills, we’ve eclipsed over one hundred songs and have at least two more episodes mapped out after this one.

Some episode notes:
Being punks of a certain age, both Ethan and I associate music with accompanying record covers. Ethan has a copy of the Damned’s Machine Gun Etiquette that is completely different than mine. I also came of age when we’d copy entire LPs onto tapes and trade with friends, drawing the covers by hand. My copy of Strawberries did not have a pig with a strawberry on its head, so I was surprised (thirty or so years later) to see the real album art.

The full album name that has “Final Epitaph” by Toxik Ephex is The Adventures of Nobby Porthole, the Cock of the North, which is worth mentioning. Ethan swore by the full record and I can attest, after finding it on YouTube, that it’s worth the listen if you like your peace punk adventurous and sometimes unspooling.

This podcast series started with Roman numerals. We’re switching to numbers. It’s partially because I knew I’d mix up IX and XI somewhere down the line, and also for organizing the folders on the computer. Shit was getting wonky.

Is it hubris? Are we feeling overconfident, bordering on cocksure, celebrating before we cross the finish line? Ethan and I joked (?) about the following podcasts featuring punk bands, if we could muster twelve or more songs: “Weird percussion podcast” and “Bird sounds in songs podcast.” I also thought about stepping into the irresponsible/potentially illegal realm of adding our own horn sounds to songs we like that currently don’t have them.

Stay tuned and thanks for listening.

–Todd Taylor

Riverboat Gamblers, “Year of the Rooster,” To the Confusion of Our Enemies LP (No Idea)
- - -
The Neurotics, “This Fragile Life,” Repercussions LP (Jungle)
Major Accident, “Crazy,” …Crazy! LP (Toxic Shock)
The Adicts, “Troubadour,” Smart Alex LP (Puke N Vomit)
Stiff Little Fingers, “Silver Lining,” Go For It LP
Erazerhead, “Awful Night,” Take Me to Your Leader LP (Flickknife)
- - -
The Briefs, “Stuck on You,” Stuck on You 7” (Zaxxon)
The Dark, “French Toys,” Chemical Warfare LP (Fresh)
The Damned, “Generals,” Strawberries LP (Bronze)
Toxik Ephex, “Final Epitaph” The Adventures of Nobby Porthole, the Cock of the North (1 Up)
- - -
Soul Asylum, “Stranger,” Say What You Will... (Twin/Tone)
Replacements, “Can’t Hardly Wait,” Pleased to Meet Me LP (Sire)
Peter Dayton, “Skintite,” Love at 1st Sight 12” EP (Shoo-Bop)
X (Australia), “The Feel,” At Home with You LP (Major records)
Dog Faced Hermans, “Jan 9,” Hum of Life LP (Konkurrel)
- - -
Compulsive Gamblers, “Quit This Town,” Live and Deadly—Memphis/Chicago (Sympathy For The Record Industry)

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