Razorcake Podcast #744 with Todd and Daryl, 20 for 20!

Jul 30, 2021

Twenty years of Razorcake! Twenty years of toiling away in the zine mines to a soundtrack of the best punk music ever made. We love the Ramones, we love D4, we love Motörhead, and we love that people love those bands. But! It is just absolutely wild how many wonderful bands we listen to on a regular basis that I feel don’t really get the recognition they deserve. This is kind of the oldest story in the history of musicians making music, but any chance to play a Xaxaxa song is a good time.

Will you hear something you like? Maybe. Will you hear something you hate? It’s definitely possible! But at least you’ll hear something new. Enjoy!


Fear Of Lipstick, “Summertime” Self-titled
Dirty Marquee, “Dinosaur II” Demo CD
Dark Times, “The Fear” Give
Dead Things, “Lemmy Rides a BMX” ...Because Sometimes You Just Want To Ride Your Bike To The Show...
Bitpart, “Easy to Pretend” Beyond What’s Left
- - -
Backbiter, “III” Fvck the Bozos
Amoebas, “Nervous Wreck” Self-titled
Brassknuckle Boys, “Day After Day” Appalachian Industry
The Achievement, “Let It In” Self-titled
Acid Fast, “Rupert, Yr Fucking Lazy” Rabid Moon
- - -
Period 3, “Crashing Our Cars” The Crushing Grip of Reason
Xaxaxa, “Sekoj Raboti” Сиромашни И Богати
Heavy Times, “Might Not” Fix It Alone
Homeowners, “Cold Dog” Homeowners Tape 2011
The Ratchets, “Skyjack Sunday Starts” Glory Bound
- - -
Wiretaps, “Call Waiting” Recording
Handski, “There is No Learning (There is Only Death)” Terminal Dreamland
Fiscal Spliff, “Pickin’ Up the Pieces” This Too Shall Pass
Weird Lovemakers, “The Unstoppable Teen” Flu Shoot
Year Zero, “Linen” Year One