Razorcake Podcast #742 with Midnight At Mazems with Bill and Booth

Jul 16, 2021

You thought it was white boy day, but it ain’t white boy day. The stakes have never been higher in the hot ass punk podcast garage as Bill and Anthony discuss the contents of their digital DIY Punk Coin™ Wallets, dystopic parenting tips, historical garlic-shaped gonads and Gregorian calendar conspiracies. Buy a Razorcake subscription for yourself or for a friend unless you’ve already had your adrenochrome tapped by undead albino mutants!

Indigo De Souza, "Ghost" I Love My Mom LP (2018 - Saddle Creek)
- - -
Mixed Signals, "Flowers" So Far Gone Tape (2020 - Dead Broke)
DFMK, "Fuera de Lugar" Self-titled LP (2020 - Snakes & Stones)
Slant, "Violent Minds" 1 LP (2021 - Iron Lung)
G.L.O.S.S. "Outcast Stomp" Demo 2015 EP (2015 - Sabotage)
- - -
Hakan, "I Saw God" III LP (2018 - Hakan)
Sweeping Promises, "Atelier" Hunger For a Way Out LP (2020 - Feel It)
Smirk, "Violent Game" LP LP (2021 - Drunken Sailor/Feel It)
Adult Mom, "Sober" Driver LP (2021 - Epitaph)
- - -
Hot Snakes, "I Shall Be Free" I Shall Be Free Single (2020 - Sub Pop)
Mal Blum, "Better Go" You Look A Lot Like Me LP (2015 - Don Giovanni)
Television Personalities, "Silly Girl" And Don't the Kids Just Love It LP (1981 - Rough Trade / Fire)
Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers, "Manic Depression" Bought to Rot LP (2018 - Bloodshot)
- - -
GG King, "Sad and Lonely for a Long Time" Remain Intact LP (2021 - Total Punk)