Razorcake Podcast #741 with Adel Souto

Jul 09, 2021

Razorcake Podcast #741 with Adel Souto

Hello, dear listener! I’m back again, but this time with a slew of songs sung in Spanish. The acts range from Spain to Central and South America, even the Unites States. While some belt out their lyrics in both English and Español, many of these outfits only sing in their native tongue, and therefore get little press outside of their respective countries. I have found a large number of these bands within the pages of the Razorcake review section, so the magazine (and podcast) will always be a great place to discover music from all around the world. So, with that, let’s get into today’s language lesson. Enjoy!

-Adel Souto

Los Crudos, “Desde Afuera” (US) loscrudoschicago.bandcamp.com
Ultrasonicas, “Vive Cochino” (Mexico) ultrasonicas.bandcamp.com
Retraseres, “Otra Vez” (Spain) retraseres.bandcamp.com
69 Segundos, “Porque?” (Ecuador) 69segundos1.bandcamp.com
Los Rezios, “Fin De Semana” (Peru) losreziosmetalpunk.bandcamp.com
Asmereir, “Luchar con mis Demonios” (Peru) asmereir.bandcamp.com
Cadenaxo, “La Banda Culera” (Mexico) cadenaxo.bandcamp.com
Absurdo, “El Infierno del Alcohol” (Spain) absurdobarcelona.bandcamp.com
Evasión, “Actuar” (Spain) evasiongijon.bandcamp.com
Castigo, “Patraña” (Spain) castigo.bandcamp.com
Destino Final, “Este Dolor” (Spain) destinofinal.bandcamp.com
Chulo, “Primitivismo” (Colombia) chulo.bandcamp.com
Convulsions, “Esta Mierda Nunca Acaba” (Spain) convulsionsgrindcore.bandcamp.com
Muro, “Fantasia Del Progreso” (Colombia) beachimpedimentrecords.bandcamp.com
Instinto, “Fuego en el Vientre” (Spain) instinto.bandcamp.com
Vibora, “Dedos de Diablo” (Spain) viborahc.bandcamp.com
Annapura, “Picos” (Mexico) annapura.bandcamp.com
Cop On Fire, “Asco” (Spain) inimical.bandcamp.com
Bosna, “Hasta Cuando?” (Spain) bosna.bandcamp.com
Represión, “La Verdad” (Spain) malditarepresion.bandcamp.com
Billy The Kid, “Es La Guerra” (Costa Rica) billythekid506.bandcamp.com
Real House of Hate, “Al Fondo del Abismo” (Colombia) realhouseofhate.bandcamp.com
Parusía, “Secretos en la Oscuridad” (Spain) parusia.bandcamp.com
Antimaster, “Bandera de Humo” (Mexico) malviajediscos.bandcamp.com
Drei Affen, “Miedo” (Spain) dreiaffen.bandcamp.com
Canal Irreal, “Pestes” (US) beachimpedimentrecords.bandcamp.com
Descarados, “Espacios” (US) stonehengerecords.bandcamp.com
Julen y la Gente Sola, “Trotsky Vengarán” (Uruguay) lagentesola.bandcamp.com
Jodamassa, “Am y Armé” (Ecuador) jodamassabanda.bandcamp.com
Acid Bats, “La Sangre” (Mexico) acid-bats.bandcamp.com

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