Razorcake Podcast #738 with Rick V.

Jun 18, 2021

Razorcake Podcast #738 with Rick V.

I was planning on doing a vanilla podcast where I just play songs I have been listening to recently. But once I put the list together I decided to make it slightly more interesting by calling up friends in some of these bands. Not sure if it actually does make it more interesting, but I talk to Jacob Hunt (The Fenoglios, Post War Radio), Rob Taxpayer (The Taxpayers, Anxiety Cat), Dakota Floyd (The Wild, New Junk City), Alex Atchley (Mirage Music Club), and Daniel Damnit (The Damitols, Genius Party)

Feel free to check out stolenmedia.bandcamp.com when you have had your fill of this episode.

The Fenoglios, “White Trash Pick Up Trucks”, Forever the Fenoglios (Stolen Media)
- - -
Funeral Oration, “Go For It”, Survival (Hopeless)
Blinding Glow, “Complicit Silence”, U.X.O. (Speed Creamer Cassettes)
Anxiety Cat, “No Youth”, Storm Transmissions (Tummy Rock)
- - -
Bloodstains, “Public Hanging”, Demo 2020 (Self-released)
The Scutches, “Worth Enough”, Negatory (Nothing To Do)
New Junk City, “ClenchJawed” Self-titled (No Breaks)
- - -
Pisse, “DrauSSen zuhause”, Self-titled (Phantom / Harbinger Sounds)
Mandible Klaw, “Days Without Light”, Mankind Grind (Wasted Wax)
Mirage Music Club, “Narc City”, Run (Self-released)
- - -
ISS, “(Met)Forming”, Spikes (Self-released)
Drakulas, “Dark Black”, Terminal Amusements (Dine Alone)
Fastplants, “Grosso”, Grosso 7” (Not Like You)
- - -
Damitols, “Amusement Park”, ...Learn To Drive (Stolen Media)

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