Razorcake Podcast #732 with When Horns Are Okay IV with Todd, Jennifer, and Ethan

May 07, 2021

Todd here. For this un-subtitled When Horns Are Okay IV, Jennifer bids adieu to Todd and Ethan. What had begun as a lark, a “Hey, I think there are a handful of punk songs out there that don’t suck. Let’s play them,” vibe had turned into something much longer that required a level of dedication that extended far past her initial enthusiasm. No shade. We all have our limits.

The trouble is that when I started listening for horns during my usual listening regimen, I’d jot down another song. Then another. Often times, it’d be a song I’d heard plenty of times, but didn’t take special note of a song’s horn-inclusion in the middle of a record. I’m always trying to expand what I listen to and since I edit them, I also take cues from Razorcake’s own record reviews. More horns. I visit classics. More horns. I think it’s somewhat fascinating, this lateral listen to a cross-section of quite a few punk subgenres through the connective tissue of horns.

In this episode, Ethan and I are still not fully convinced that the Masshysteri song has a horn, even when it’s credited on the sleeve, I quiz Ethan on the back side artwork of Bikini Kill’s Reject All American (because I originally had the CD and didn’t realize what it was until I got the LP), and Ethan outs me as being “much older.” True, he was in second grade when I was a senior in high school, but the current difference between thirty-eight and forty-nine seems much less suspect.

As always, I hope you enjoy this installment even though there is considerably a lot less giggling. We miss you already Jennifer!

El Banda, “Anuluj,” Skutki Uboczne (Pasazar)
Masshysteri, “Dom Kan Inte Höra Musiken,” Masshysteri (Feral Ward)
- - -
Stage Bottles, “How Long Will We Wait,” Mr. Punch (Knock Out)
Bromure, "50/50," Self-titled LP (Une Vie Pour Rien?) (Sad Lovers and Giants cover)
The Damned, "Do the Blitz," Punk Generation: Best of Oddities & Versions (Anarchy Music)
The Outcasts, “Self-Conscious Over You,” Self-Conscious Over You (Punkerama)
- - -
Bombón, "La Sirena" A Date with Bombón (Burger)
Raincoats, “No Side to Fall In,” Self-titled (Rough Trade)
Bikini Kill, “For Only,” Reject All American (Bikini Kill)
Lithics, “Victim’s Jacket,” Tower of Age (Trouble In Mind)
- - -
Newtown Neurotics, “Suzi Is a Heartbreaker,” Suzi (No Wonder)
Channel Three, “Just Hangin’ Around,” Last Time I Drank… (Enigma)
Radiators, “Million Dollar Hero (In a Five and Ten Cents Store)” Million Dollar Hero 7” (Chiswick)
Action Pact!, “London Bouncers (Bully Boy Version),” London Bouncers (Bully Boy Version (Fallout)
- - -
The Pagans, “I Juvenile,” Not Now, No Way b/w I Juvenile 7” (Breakout)
Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats, “Rocket 88,” Rocket 88 b/w Come Back Where You Belong 10”(Chess)