Razorcake Podcast #727 with Dr. Nomouth

Mar 19, 2021

I wanted to do a podcast that was more of a playlist with samples. Besides, I'm sure people are sick of hearing my voice. I play mostly newies with a couple of oldies. Enjoy!

Highway Stacy, “What a Relief”, Self-titled (Self-released)
Neurotic Fiction, “Leather, Bristles, Studs, Acne”, Romance (Specialist Subject)
Forager, “Fallout”, Deadbeat Suite (Self-released)
Goolagoon, “Rock Bottom”, Patrickviolence Demo (Self-released)
Super Bobby, “Queenie”, We Cozy Mixtape (Self-released)
Nice Piles, “Five & Six”, Self-titled (Self-released)
Garuda, “To Be A Pillar” Immemorial (Rescued From Life)
Kirk & The Jerks, “To Be A Hero”, Discography (Division Street)
The Beat Index, “D.O.A.”, Volume One-Juvenilia (No Coast)
Bite Me Bambi, “Carried Away”, Ska Against Racism comp (Bad Time)
Dialer, “Can't”, Tour Tape 2019 (SRA)
Kid Chaos, “Bad Tattoo”, Love in the Time of Scurvy (Vile Beat)
Peace Talks, “Dancing For the Flame”, A Lasting Piece (Cruel Noise)
Dan Sawyer/Fred Newman / Billy West, “Bangin' On A Trashcan”, Music From Doug 1991-1993 (Promotional CD)