Razorcake Podcast #726 with Adel Souto

Greetings, dear listener! I hope you enjoy this gaggle of groups I put together, as they’re a gang of gals you really need to lend an ear to. None of these bands are good simply because they have female members, or “play well for a bunch of girls,” they rock, because they rock! So take any preconceived notions of identity classification, or expectations of gender norms, and shut the fuck up, because the women are talking! Listen up, and take note.

-Adel Souto

Hoarder, “Destroyed (https://hoarderoly.bandcamp.com/)
Dregs, “Police Oppression” (https://dregspunx.bandcamp.com/)
Søøn, “Die” (https://soonhxc.bandcamp.com/)
Nekra, “Art School” (https://nekra.bandcamp.com/)
Vision Quest, “Still Real” (https://visionquestukhc.bandcamp.com/)
Strafplanet, “Servants of the People” (https://strafplanet.bandcamp.com/)
Vidro, “Slakthus” (https://vidro.bandcamp.com/)
– – –
Ubik, “Brain Pan” (https://ubikpunk.bandcamp.com/)
Neighborhood Brats, “We Own the Night” (https://neighborhoodbrats.bandcamp.com/)
Bad Sleep, “I Hide” (https://badsleepoly.bandcamp.com/)
Composite, “Paper Fantasies” (https://compositeoakland.bandcamp.com/)
Cheap Perfume, “Time’s Up” (https://cheapperfume.bandcamp.com/)
Crow Baby, “Gutted” (https://crowbabyla.bandcamp.com/)
– – –
Joyride!, “Slow Release” (https://joyride-sf.bandcamp.com/)
Good Sign, “At the Corner” (https://goodsign.bandcamp.com/)
Heavy Pockets, “Radical Truth” (https://heavypockets.bandcamp.com/)
Las Nubes, “Demonize” (https://lasnubes.bandcamp.com/)
Friend of My Youth, “Ancestral” (https://friendofmyyouth.bandcamp.com/)
– – –
Iris, “Peal” (https://iriss.bandcamp.com/)