Razorcake Podcast #725 with Midnight at Mazems with Bill and Booth!

Mar 05, 2021

Razorcake Podcast #725 with Midnight at Mazems with Bill and Booth!

WW2020D? Join Bill and Booth as we look back on the year, look forward to next year, and decide if the 2000s means a decade or a century! Also contains tiny dragons, eggplant recipes, bowling ball deaths. Make February Short Again!

Big Kids, "Get Motion!" Hoop Dreams LP (Topshelf / Big Kids)
- - -
Soul Glo, "Mathed Up" Songs to Yeet at the Sun 12" (Secret Voice)
Spanish Love Songs, "Losers 2" Brave Faces Everyone LP (Pure Noise)
Replacements, "Hey Shadow” demo Pleased to Meet Me deluxe reissue LP (Rhino)
Walter Etc., “Fish Won't Eat Dark Comedy” Performance Piece of My Life LP (Making New Enemies)
- - -
Come Closer, "Get it Wrong" Get it Wrong LP (Pirate's Press)
Anika Pyle, "Poetry vs Reason" Poetry vs Reason Single (June)
Wonk Unit, "Strength" Uncle Daddy LP (Plasterer)
No Thank You, "Embroidered Foliage" Embroidered Foliage LP (Lame O)
- - -
Propagandhi, "Victory Lap" Victory Lap (Epitaph)
Lawrence Arms, "Quincentuple Your Money" Present Day Memories split w/ Chinkees LP (Asian Man)
Shang-a-Lang, "Summertime" Collection LP (Silver Sprocket)
Against Me!, "Lost and Searching in America" Total Clarity LP (Fat)
- - -
John Prine, "When I Get to Heaven" The Tree of Forgiveness LP (Oh Boy)

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