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Razorcake Podcast #723 with Kurt Morris

It’s almost 30 years since I first listened to Christian death metal (oh, it’s a thing—look it up) and it’s still stuck in my head even though I haven’t listened to it regularly for about 25 years. It’s as though having these songs with growls for Jesus are lodged into my brain as penance for having left the faith. I wish I could forget those songs because they’re so dumb. But I find it weird how music jumps in my head when I least expect it. Recently I woke up and had songs pop in my head by bands (Seven Storey Mountain and Cadillac Blindside) I haven’t listened to in years. Where did they come from? How do those songs work their way into my brain and resurface years later? Other times I binge on an album (Greet Death) even after it has been out for over a year. What draws me back to them? What is it that I love? I don’t know. I don’t want to have to try and figure it out. I just want to listen to the music. So here’s what I’ve been listening to of my own volition and through what my brain has put there against my will. Thankfully for you I didn’t include any Christian death metal.


Crusades, “The Shadow of Ideas” (Perhaps You Deliver This Judgment…, No Idea)
Cadillac Blindside, “Empty Bottle Evening” (These Liquid Lungs, Fueled By Ramen)
– – –
Motörhead, “Shine” (No Remorse, Bronze)
American Ethos, “Marsyas versus Apollo” (Self-titled, Self-released)
Shame, “Born in Luton” (Drunk Tank Pink, Dead Oceans)
– – –
Face To Face, “Take It Back” (Self-titled)
The Replacements, “Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out” (Let It Be, Twin/Tone)
Oil Boom, “By Degrees” (Terribility, Dreamy Life)
Seven Storey Mountain, “No Promise” (Leper Ethics, Art Monk)
– – –
Greet Death, “Strange Days” (New Hell, Deathwish)
Careful, “Ingrown” (Drunk Dial #7 7”, Drunk Dial)