Sunset on the beach

Razorcake Podcast #722 with Jimmy Alvarado

Feb 05, 2021

“When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.” –Henry David Thoreau

As I write this, the world remains in a sort of (and sometimes literal) lockdown for nearly a year. Though I’m sure it’s been no picnic for anyone, for some I reckon it’s been harder than for others and I hope this selection of stuff I’ve been listening to a lot of late helps you through your day. Ever the pessimistic optimist, I look forward to whatever version of “normal” is next. In the meantime, stay safe, create, and make one helluva a racket.


No Lights, “June Bug” (June Bug 7” EP)
Radwaste, “Athena” (End Times Mixtape LP)
Trybuna Brudu, “Pająk” (We Are The Flowers In The Red Zone Vol. 1 comp. LP)
Eddie & The Subtitles, “Zombie Drug Killers” (From The Womb To The Tomb [The Full Horror] CD)
Die Moulinettes, “Flipper Queen - Du Kannst's Am Besten” (Harpsichord 2000 CD)
- - -
Raven, “Rock and Roller by Day” (Land Of A Thousand Dances: Rampart Records 58th Anniversary Complete Singles Collection CD box set)
Lifters, “Are You Ready for the Good Life” (Are You Ready for the Good Life 7” EP)
The Figgs, “Happy” (Ginger LP)
The Pengwins, “What You Gonna Do” (Radio Ready: Texas - Lost Power Pop Hits 1978-1983 LP)
Chainsaw Pop, “Neutral Corner” (Valley Blvd. comp LP)
OX4, “We Dance” (No Good CD)
Dominatrix, “City that Never Sleeps” (New York Noise 3: Music From The New York Underground 1977 – 1984 comp. CD)
- - -
Leper, “Chopped” (Frail LP)
Varoitus, “Tarpeeksi” (Helvetin Hardcore LP)
Ghoul Squad, “House of Mirrors” (Ghoul Squad LP)
Moral Decay, “Backstabbers” (Rebels Without A Cause: 1982 Demo and Comp Tracks LP)
Government Flu, “Off Balance” (House Arrest 7” EP)
Muro, “La Ciudad es Hostil” (Pacificar LP)
- - -
Hunches, “Explosion” (Same New Thing LP)