Johnny and Elwood!

Razorcake Podcast #720 with Johnny and Elwood

Well, 2020 is over and what a shit year that was. In the UK we didn’t even get to vote our piece of shit leader out of office and into the arms of prosecutors. Usually in these intros I’d talk about the countries that we’re visiting and relate that to punk in some way but this time I’d like you to indulge me talking about myself instead.

First off, I have been incredibly lucky this year. I’ve not lost anyone to the Coronovirius or my job (turns out working in a supermarket does have one major benefit), Elwood is healthy and happy. These are all things that I feel incredibly grateful for. But this year has been fucking stressful none the less. Work has naturally been way more full-on than usual as my work place adapts to the virus and the increased demands on the food supply chain. It’s also at work that I have the most time to listen to music. From 9 PM to when I leave work at 1 AM there’re no customers and so I am free to rock out to whatever the hell I like, and so I get to indulge in my favourite pastime: discovering new music. But this year all I’ve wanted is to go back to the familiar. To feel comfortable in hearing the old songs that I already know.

There’s nothing wrong in wanting to do things that make you feel comfortable, and music that you like is better than anything for that. But since I was 11 years old and my brother first played me Iron Maiden’s Rock in Rio, I’ve been seeking out new music. It’s a part of who I am and this year it felt like that went away, I no longer found the desire to search for that artist, record, or song that gave the exhilaration that I’ve always felt when I chance on something extraordinary.

Doing this podcast for Razorcake (and don’t forget you can contribute too) has given me the push to retain that part of myself. To say that I can’t just listen to what’s easy because I have something that needs completing and that requires me to dig the digital crates and find some jams that I can play for you and hopefully give you that same thrill that I feel when I find something I know is going to stick with me. So thanks Razorcake for helping me keep that part of myself that helps define who I am.


Brutus, “War” Nest (Hassle Records)
Vitamin X, “Get In The Pit” Full Scale Assault (Tankcrimes)
– – –
Urban Achievers, “Led To Believe” Self-titled (Hjernespind)
Citizens Patrol, “Accepted Criminals” Self-titled (Way Back When)
Amdi Petersens Armé, “Trulsen Fra Det Ydre Rum” Self-titled (Hjernespind)
Gorilla Angreb, “Timen Er Kommet” Self-titled (Feral Ward)
– – –
War Of Destruction, “Firs Og Dement” Angst (Mastermind)
Death Token, “Manifest Junkyard” They Worship Us (Adult Crash)
Extended Suicide, “Antimateria” Self-titled (Putojefe)
Nations On Fire, “Death Of The Pro Lifer” Death Of The Pro Lifer (Genet)
– – –
Cocaine Piss, “Eat The Rich” Passionate And Tragic (Hypertension)
The 20 Belows, “Like A Chokeslam” For Better Days (Monster Zero)
Partisan, “No Last Surrender” We Have Been So Terribly Betrayed (Hypertension)
Lone Wolf, “Don’t Know How” Together Alone (Stardumb)
– – –
The Ex, “White Liberals” 30 (Ex)