Masshysteri raging

Razorcake Podcast #719 with Scandinavian Sundays

Jan 15, 2021

Welcome to Scandinavian Sundays 3

In this episode, Jennifer and Todd talk about Iceland’s ancient occult practice of necropants and the still-standing offer of a full coozie suit to anyone who donates a million dollars to Razorcake. We collected songs from the dawn of punk to a song by the Dahmers that was released in late December, 2020. Along the way, we play a Rattus song that sounds a hell of a lot like the Big Boys, give a shout out to librarians (Terveet Kädet’s singer), mull over the “Discharge”s of both Sweden (Anti-Cimex) and Finland (Rattus), revel in Rattus’s quick transformation from 1981 to 1982, and generally butcher Scandinavian pronunciation even after looking up how it’s supposed to sound. Tongue-tied and ears wide open, we present the third installment of Scandinavian Sundays (recorded on a Saturday, and released on a Friday).

Sokea Piste, “Kollektiivinen Paniikki,” Oire 7”(Peterwalkee) - Finland
Wolfbrigade, “Warsaw Speedwolf, Run with the Hunted LP (Southern Lord) - Sweden
- - -
Purrkur Pillnikk, “Surprise,” No Time to Think EP (Gramm) - Iceland
Young Wasteners, “Who to Be,” Self-titled 7” (Hjernespind) - Denmark
So Much Hate, “The Enemy Within,” Lies LP (X-Mist) - Norway
- - -
Electric Deads, “La La La,” Mind Bomb EP (Electro-Static) - Denmark
TV Eye, “A-B-B-A,” Nice People LP (Hoax) - Sweden
Rattus, “Fucking Disco,” Fucking Disco 7” (Hilipili) - Finland
Rattus, “Rajoitettu Ydinsota,” Rajoitettu Ydinsota EP (Poko) - Finland
- - -
Appendix, “Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa,” Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa LP (Propaganda) - Finland
Anti-Cimex, “When the Innocent Die,” Made in Sweden LP (Distortion) - Sweden
Terveet Kädet, “Musta Jumala,” Ääretön Joulu 7” (Poko) - Finland
- - -
Masshysteri, “Botten Är Nådd,” Self-titled LP (Ny Våg) - Sweden
Vonbrigði, “Ó Reykjavík” (Synthadelia) EP - Iceland
1981, “Silence” Split with Surrender 7” (Stonehenge) - Finland
Dahmers, “Quiet Squealer,” Witching Hour 7” (Ghost Highway) - Sweden
- - -
Dauðyflin, “Skófla Skófla” Self-titled EP (Iron Lung) – Iceland