Weird Al tattoo

Razorcake Podcast #718 with Ska Phase

Jan 08, 2021

Three DIY punks discuss their love for one of the most maligned and under appreciated genres associated with punk: ska

In this episode, Miles, Prather, and Rick discuss pandemic tourist attractions, Weird Al, Sublime, and eventually ska. Rick plays songs from the Unicorn Records catalogue in the late '80s and Prather plays all covers. Enjoy it, will you?

Skankin Pickle, “Gates of Steel” The Green Album (Dr. Strange)
Skaos, “Going Insane” Beware (Unicorn)
Barrington Levy, “She's Mine” Love The Life You Live (Time 1)
- - -
Gangster Fun, “Oh Paranoia” Pure Sound, Pure Hogwash, Pure Amphetamines (Jump Up!)
The Braces, “Julie Julie” Prime Cut (Unicorn)
Voodoo Glowskulls, “Charlie Brown” Firme (Epitaph)
- - -
Mr. Review, “Paradise By the Batmobile Dashboard Light” Walkin' Down Brentford Road (Unicorn)
Suicide Machines, “I Don't Wanna Hear It” Destruction By Definition (Hollywood)
Might Mighty Bosstones, “Think Again” Ska-core, the Devil and More (Mercury)
Ethiopians, “Everything Crash” Reggae Power (Trojan)
- - -
The Toasters, “Shocker” Pool Shark (Unicorn)
Weird Al Yankovich, “Your Horoscope For Today” Running With Scissors (Volcano)
Toots and the Maytals, “Three Little Birds” Gotta Be Tough (Trojan Jamaica)
- - -
The Deltones, “It's Been a Long Time...Helen” Nana Choc Choc In Paris (Unicorn)